Top Accessories for the Ford Bronco

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From daily driver to off-road beast, Ford Bronco has lived up to the expectations of what many had hoped for. Still rather new, the accessories and options coming out for the Bronco are growing by the day. I am one of the lucky few who have graced the steering wheel of an Outerbanks for the past ten months and have put it to the test as a grocery-getter and off-road monster. After much thought and use, I have compiled my top 5 accessories that every Bronco owner should not live without.

First things first, music is important! Whether it’s jamming out while in traffic or listening to your favorite tunes on the trail, it is important to have a crisp clear sound for your ears to enjoy. One of my first upgrades was new speakers and a subwoofer. I don’t want to discredit the Bronco’s stock stereo system, but it is subpar in my opinion. With little bass and paper speakers, a speaker upgrade is an inexpensive upgrade that will bring a whole new listening experience to you.

Next on the list is something that I think every vehicle should have, a way to turn off that annoying auto turn off when your at a stop. Since the Bronco’s autostart button has to be pressed every time the vehicle gets turned on, most people forget to press that pesky button. This reason is why I invested in the Autostop eliminator! This switch is easily installed and will remember the setting you last used, even after the engine has been turned off. If getting the most of your mpg is most important to you then this may not be on top of your list.

One of the perks of the new Bronco is that you have the option to have the top off or down for the nice convertible feel. It’s nice having the wind through your hair, but the sunburn that comes with it is not so much fun. If you still want that open-air feel but still have protection from the sun, then a Gearshade is for you! With its mesh style top, Gearshade offers sun protection without all of the hassles of putting your top back on. The best part is once you install the Gearshade it can stay on forever as the top fits right on top of it. I have found this to be helpful for everyday use and is top on my list of recommendations.

The last two items on my list or specific for off-roading. If you plan to never have your Bronco taste the dirt, then you may not fight the following as helpful. However, if you’re anything like me, my Bronco is not a pavement princess which is why I recommend the ARB Dual Air compressor and a set of good floor liners. The air compressor gives you the ability to air up after being off-road without the hassle of driving on the pavement to your closest gas station’s air compressor. As far as the floor liners, not only does it make the mud clean up easy, but it keeps the interior looking nice.

Although there are many products that I just adore for the Ford Bronco, these are the five that are the most beneficial to me. I can’t wait to see what is in store for future products for this off-road beast!

*Some links in this article are affiliate links that I may earn a commission.

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