Mullinax Ford Kissimmee Keeps Your Money & Your Truck If You Don't Accept Their Bribes

You’ve heard of dealers selling people's orders for over MSRP, but have you every heard of someone paying cash for a truck, owning it for 2 weeks, and then, the dealer refusing you to pick it up from the dealership after having accessories added, and selling it to someone else?

My 63 year old father placed an order on a new truck and it came in a couple weeks ago. He checked everything over, test drove it, paid cash for the vehicle, switched the plates over, got the truck insured. and signed all the paperwork for the purchase and extra warranties. With this agreement, he was leaving the truck there for the dealer to put on a lift, fender flares, and other accessories. He went home and waited for them to complete the work, which was only to take a couple days. His truck sat there for a week, and he would call for updates, but could never get a hold of anyone. Eventually, he found out that the dealership ordered the wrong parts for the lift kit. Instead of ordering a lift kit specific for the Tremor, they ordered the wrong thing and never told him about it. The dealership was never good with communication, you could never get a hold of someone and if you did, they had no idea of what was going on. Meanwhile, as he was waiting for it to be completed, he received a survey to fill out about the dealership regarding his purchase. He filled it out and gave them a 3, because they were lacking in the area of communication and he felt that they could improve there.

The day his truck was finally ready to be picked up, the sales manager called my dad asking him if he would consider redoing the survey and giving them a 5, since they were in the lead of receiving Ford’s Presidential Award, and even offered to throw in some accessories for free if he did so. My dad politely declined, and said he would need some time to think about doing that and that he was going to be leaving in a couple hours to pick up the truck. An hour later, he received photos from his salesman that showed dents and scratches in his new truck that happened while installing the lift and accessories. The same sales manager called my dad back and said that he knows he has to be mad and asked what he could do to make it better. My father gave him a couple options and they said that they would get back to him.

A couple days passed and noone would return his calls. At one point, my father called the dealership and said he was going to just come up and get the truck, but they refused for him to do so. He left a google review, and in the review someone responded that they will be releasing him from his contract and can expect a refund for his truck….SAY WHAT? He didn’t agree to that, and the truck is already plated and legally his, and the check he gave them was cashed 2 weeks prior. He has called the dealership and noone responds, so of course he called Ford Customer Service and got them involved as well, but they can only do so much since it's only the manufacture. Sure enough, Tuesday morning, he received an overnighted envelope for a portion of what he paid for his truck, to which he didn't agree to and it wasn't for the full amount of what he paid for the vehicle. Of course nobody will return phone calls to further explain what is going on.

Now, it's time to decide, should he just let the dealership do an illegal thing, be carless? Or should he take the time, energy, and money to hire a lawyer and take it to court? At what point do you let the "big guy" just get away with it because you are drained, and don't want to go through the legal battle, or do you fight for what is right and add more stress to your life? He will likely win the case, but who wants to go through that?

I am mind blown that my 63 year old father is now carless, and hasn't slept in days over this. The worst part is that I was the one that sang the high praises of this dealership and recommended them. More to come as the story unfolds. Save yourself the trouble and don’t deal with Mullinax Kissimmee.

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