A Whole New Meaning to "Crap or Get Off the Pot"

I can't make this up, guys! I have been in tears most of the morning and I can't believe this is actually happening. We were finally moving on, and selling our rental property in Missouri (our old home) and were supposed to hand over the keys to the new owner next week!

I got a call today saying that the inspector showed up at the house and it appeared that someone broke in and tried burning the house down.

Well after the police performed their investigation, turns out that a lightning strike BLEW UP our toilet.........

which then caused our entire house to flood, which made the basement ceiling to collapse, which then caused 4" of water to be in the basement.

So this just beautifully redone house that was under contract is just an utter mess....an utter wet, burnt, soggy mess.

Who knew lightning could cause such havoc?

Can we all just find the good in this situation and be thankful that noone was doing their business on the toilet when this happened?

I will be curled up in a ball under the blankets for the rest of the day, I am done adulting.

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