Pickens Party of 5 is now Buckle Up Buttercup

With new life changes comes a new channel name, Buckle Up Buttercup!

 Many of you have been following our journey for quite some time, and for that, I want to say thank you. I am so appreciative and thankful for all the support that you have given to this channel.  When this channel was created, Pickens Party of 5, it followed us as a family of 5 on our adventures.


Although it is a very personal thing to talk about, I thought I owed it to all of you to let you know what is going on. Matt & I have decided to separate, but remain dedicated parents to our children. Regardless of this change, I will continue on with this channel with the same type of family-centered content, but will do so as a single mom with my 3 amazing children. 

I thought it was fitting to change the channel name to reflect the life changes, but keep the beauty of the family-centered content. This decision was not taken lightly and was a very difficult decision to come to, I have spent countless hours to make this channel what it is today, and hope by changing the name it doesn’t destroy what I have built. But sometimes in life things change, and although it may be hard, it can still remain beautiful.  The new channel name will be Buckle Up, Buttercup, and if you have followed our journey for any amount of time, that is a catchphrase that I have commonly used referring to my amazing children to prepare for a fun adventure. 


So I am humbly asking you, to please follow along and buckle up buttercup for this new amazing adventure. I would be so grateful for your continued support as I rebrand the channel and rebuild a new life.  I have so many amazing friends, family, and a great Bronco community that have offered some wonderful support through all of this, and I dont think I could ever express how much that means to me. 


With all that said, Buckle Up, Buttercup.


At the end of 2020, we desperately needed more adventure in our lives after spending most of the year not being able to do much with covid around. We decided to buy a camper and set a goal to put at least 10,000 miles of travel time on it. We had zero experience with camping and hauling a trailer, but were determined to do it!  We thought it would be fun to start a YouTube channel to document our adventures, after all, that would make some pretty good family videos for the kids when they’re older. It was quite the adventure traveling cross country, and I am thrilled to say that we have traveled to 11 states and have camped over 62 nights totalling 10,350 miles as of December 1, 2021!


As far as our YouTube channel, we are blown away as to what it has become! After waiting a year for our New Ford Bronco order, it finally got delivered in July. Little did we know that the Bronco would put our YouTube Channel on the map.  Not only are we close to receiving 1 million views, but it opened doors for us to be able to attend SEMA, partner with manufacturers, and grow our channel to a level that we never thought was possible.


We are so thankful for our community and love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out at anytime!


Meet The Family



I have been a "homeschooling mom" since 2013.  Besides traveling and making memories with my family, my other hobbies include running our YouTube Channel, going to Hanson concerts, and off-roading in our Bronco. 



I love nature and am always thinking of ways to conserve our beautiful Earth.  I also enjoy cooking, drawing, reading, biking, and coming up with creative business ideas. When I am older, I hope to either be a Movie Producer & Director or work at Space X.



I am known as funny guy with a sweet heart.  I am always looking for ways to make someone smile and laugh. A few things I enjoy are pizza...wait I mean I LOVE pizza!! I also like Star Wars, Legos, surfing, and biking. When I am older, I hope to either be an actor or a carpenter.



I may be little, but I can do mighty things. I love hiking, biking, swimming, and finding adventure in anything I do. I enjoy reading, playing with my dogs, and snuggling with my mom.